6 schools
4,200 students
€ 24 mln turnover
3rd private Italian group in the sector

Milan, 18 July 2023 – Italy’s third private group in the Fine Arts education sector is born. The K-Now group, an Italian hub active in the world of Fine Arts, taken over in July 2022 by Kyip Capital, the growth buy-out fund dedicated to the digital transformation of Italian SMEs, has recently created the holding company Plena Education.

Alessandro Montel, a manager with consolidated experience in the academic world, including within realities active in the AFAM (High Artistic and Musical Education) sector, such as MADE Program and NABA, has been appointed as the new CEO. Montel’s designation completes a centrally built team of professionals that provides the Group’s individual universities with services in the areas of didactics, social media, administration and finance, communication & marketing, international development and corporate relations.

To date, the Group, which has 4,200 enrolled students and a turnover of €24 million, is composed of 6 realities active in the field of Fine Arts (RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts), Design (SPD, Scuola Politecnica di Design, in Milan and MADE Program in Syracuse), Fashion (Ferrari Fashion School in Milan), Music (Saint Louis College of Music in Rome) and Language Mediation (Ciels Group, with offices in Padua, Brescia and Bologna). Plena Education has one of the widest and most diversified academic offers on the Italian scene (Bachelor of arts programs -three-year, Master of arts programs – two-year, Academic masters – one-year, short courses, summer schools) and is located on physical campuses in the main Italian cities (Milan, Rome, Bologna, Padua and Brescia).


Alessandro Montel, CEO of Plena Education, commented: “I am delighted to be able to lead this new and important reality that intends to combine the cultures of different universities, each with a strong and consolidated legacy, with an efficient and more contemporary approach, capable of attracting talent from abroad who, as we know, have a great interest in our civilisation, our culture and our know-how”.


Carlo Privitera, Operating Partner of Kyip Capital, said: “The creation of Plena Education and the appointment of CEO Alessandro Montel open a new chapter for our Group. After an initial phase in which, on the one hand, as KYIP we focused mainly on structuring and implementing some key processes at the level of individual schools (i.e. enrolment, student onboarding, academics and business reporting) and on the other hand on strengthening the management team with the construction of a central team of 8 professionals. Now the Group is ready to benefit from a central structure and the various synergies it brings and further improve the educational quality and the educational experience“.


Kyip Capital
Kyip Capital, is an independent asset management company founded by Luciano Hassan, Gianluca Losi, Carlo Privitera with Assets Under Management exceeding € 160 million. Kyip Capital invests in growth buy-outs by acquiring the majority of the capital of high-potential Italian SMEs with solid and scalable business models, with a particular focus on Education and Information Technology.
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