#Restartcollection with Ferrari Fashion School

Ferrari Fashion School: a message of hope and rebirth through fashion with #RestartCollection

Ferrari Fashion School, in collaboration with Terre des Hommes, unveiled a collection during Milano Fashion Week  that transcends the traditional concept of fashion, becoming a symbol of rebirth for women and girls who have endured abuse.

From an idea by the creative agency ACNE, #RestartCollection is part of the ‘InDifesa’ project and Milano ‘Città delle Donne’ movement dedicated to themes of female empowerment, combating violence, and gender discrimination.”

The Creative Process

During the creative workshop, fashion and textile design students, through a sartorial approach transformed ripped and damaged garments that symbolizing episodes of violence into unique pieces that can tell stories of rebirth, using a tailoring approach.

“The garments were created […], drawing inspiration from the technique of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken objects with gold,” explained Anna Lottersberger, Director of Ferrari Fashion School – Plena Education Group. “Each piece thus becomes a symbol of renewal, an icon to be worn with strength and pride to convey a simple yet fundamental message: every wound can be healed, every story can begin again.”

The young fashion designers involved in the project worked with passion and dedication under the guidance of Giusy Liguori, Course Leader of the Fashion Design course, and instructor Eva Rondinelli, demonstrating through their creations that every story can have a new beginning.

Collection Launch

The launch event of the collection saw the participation of key figures in addressing these issues, such as Stefania Bartoccetti, founder of Telefono Donna, Paolo Ferrara, General Director of Terre des Hommes Italy and Daniela Simonetti, journalist and founder of ChangeTheGame, spoke about restarting after the trauma of abuse, about hope, and inner strength.

“In Italy, over 12 million girls and women have experienced violence. Of these, only 26,000 have turned to organizations or institutions for support in facing the trauma,” Paolo Ferrara recounted during the talk. “We know how today our society still blames victims instead of demanding a cultural change that defeats the discrimination and stereotypes that fuel gender violence. Those who experience violence cannot be abandoned and stigmatized but need all the support and care necessary to face such a heavy trauma and start anew. The Restart Collection helps us convey this message of hope in an innovative way and, thanks to the creativity of the students at Ferrari Fashion School, has allowed us to reach the new generations, the true agents of change.”

The project allowed young designers from Ferrari Fashion School to test themselves as designers in interpreting current and highly significant issues, leading them to embrace the mission that fashion should have in contemporary society.